About Us

About Us

Malvern Tigers Basketball Club organises training and competitive games for over 80 children’s and adult teams playing all year round. We cater for both boys and girls aged between 6 and 18 years with any skill level, including those who have never played basketball.

The club started in 1990 with one team of primary school children playing in the Malvern Junior Basketball Association. Malvern Tigers Basketball Club Inc. now provides an opportunity for more than 630 players per season to participate in a positive, structured, team environment. Whilst the main emphasis is on providing for the needs of children, we also have youth and adult teams of women, men, mixed and veterans playing each week.

Our club’s main objective is to offer basketball training and games in a fun and safe atmosphere where winning is not the most important aspect. We hope to foster an enjoyment of the game, whilst developing a sense of team spirit, positive self-esteem and good sports behaviour.

Specifically, our coaches are instructed to:

  • Teach the skills and fundamentals of basketball
  • Develop confidence in children so they ‘have a go’
  • Ensure all children have fun playing the game
  • Develop team-work, cooperation and resilience
  • Instil positive attitudes and respect for team-mates, opponents, officials and coaches

In summary, it’s all about SKILLS, FUN and VALUES!