WBA Points Policy

In addition, this year the Waverley Basketball Association (WBA) has introduced a “Junior Domestic Player Points Policy” that must be honoured by all clubs participating under the WBA: Waverley Basketball Association Junior Domestic Player Policy 20 Player 20 Points 20 Policy 20v2.1

The policy is aimed at streamlining teams based on a quota of 30 points per team. Each player is scored on the basis of whether they play representative and domestic basketball or only domestic basketball. Players also involved in representative basketball will score up to a maximum of 10 points, while domestic players will score zero points. So, each team must be capped at 30 points. Ultimately, the objective of the policy is to provide the best possible domestic competition to all junior clubs. For further reading, please refer to the policy posted by the WBA.

In light of the points policy, our Coaches and AGCs will work hard to achieve the most balanced teams that will remain competitive but also allow the players to further their growth and development. Most importantly, we hope the children continue to enjoy their basketball. We hope our members understand that difficult team decisions will have to be made to ensure Tigers teams are compliant with the WBA points policy.